Te Urewera

Te Urewera forms part of the largest forest wilderness area remaining in the North Island.
The enduring nature of Te Urewera over millions of years is represented by its natural forests, pristine lakes and waterways, its flora and fauna and its diverse wildlife. For centuries, Te Urewera has been the homeland of the Tuhoe people and today is recognised
as an area of cultural and spiritual significance. In 2014 National park status was removed from Te Urewera as part of a settlement agreement between Tuhoe and the crown. Te Urewera is now co-managed under the Te Urewera Act by Te Uru Taumatua (Tuhoe representatives) and the crown. It is principally managed in the “Interest of Te Urewera” recognising and addressing the values and needs of the Tuhoe people and the wider community interests. The guiding principle that forms the basis of the management of Te Urewera is “Respect”.

Respect for Te Urewera.
Tiaki i Te Urewera.

Respect for Tuhoe Culture.
Tautoko i nā tikana a Tūhoe

Respect for all people with in Te Urewera.
Manaaki i nā tānata katoa o Te Urewera.

Because of the threat to ground-dwelling birds, DOGS ARE STRICTLY NOT PERMITTED within Te Urewera or at the Te Urewera Education Centre Enquiries can be made at Te Uru Taumatua in Taneatua.

Please ensure you leave no trace of your visit with minimal disturbance to vegetation and water courses.

Take the learning values from Te Urewera and promote co-existence, tolerance, endurance and a ONENESS among all people.

Lions Club of Whakatane Te Urewera Education Centre Inc is a non-profit organisation. All income from the hut goes towards the upkeep, so young and old can continue to benefit from the hut for years to come.