Location within Te Urewera

The Lions Hut is located at 1146 Matahi Valley Road which isabout an hour’s drive
from Whakatane, via Taneatua Road SH2, turning off at Bells Road on to Matahi
Valley Road in Te Urewera.

The Lions Hut is sited adjacent to the Ngutuoha Stream in the Matahi valley within
the northern part of Te Urewera It is surrounded by bush with many walking tracks
near by including Ngutuoha Nature Trail Granny’s Track, Te Waiiti Stream via Te Pona a Pita Track, Ogilvie’s Ridge Loop Track, Otamatuna and Tawai Ridge track,
“The Wall” Tracks.

Matahi Valley Road which passes the Lions Hut goes to private farmland, Ngutuoha Pa Site and Te Pakau (8 Acres) camp ground. Across the stream was a Tuhoe retreat site. The Ngutuoha Stream runs into the Tauranga River which combines with the Te Waiiti Stream to form the Waimana River.

There are a number of tracks within the valley, and information on these, is available
from the Department of Conservation Area Offices of Gisborne and Whakatane.